Marina Marina 22.02.2023

Pudgy Penguins Partners with Retail Monster To Launch Pudgy Toyline

The acclaimed NFT Collection Pudgy Penguins has recently announced its partnership with the US licensing agent Retail Monster. The matter of the partnership is the distribution of the upcoming Pudgy Penguins IRL toys to retailers all around the globe. 

In addition to the creation of the physical toys and delivering them to retailers’ shelves, a partnership with Retail Monster will help leverage Pudgy Penguin’s IP to enable licensing opportunities with renowned brands. This is a springboard for the famed Penguins to get more coverage and become a household name beyond web3. 

Retail Monster has a wide array of well-known clients such as Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon in its portfolio. The company assists them with retail sales and marketing, content advisory, and creative vision. Thus, adding Pudgy Penguins to this list will benefit both sides. The NFT collection will be a new pearl in the Retail Monster’s portfolio while Pudgy Penguins will get access to an extensive network of retailers and get its toy line accessible to customers worldwide.

This strategic move by Pudgy Penguins is likely to greatly benefit the project’s progress and scale its name. Such steps are usually regarded as adding value to the community and are much appreciated by it. 

Neither Pudgy Penguins nor Retail Monster discloses the dates of the Penguins’ appearance in physical form. Keep your eyes out for the updates!