Chris Chris 27.04.2022

The Music Part is My own Composition and was Recorded 50 Years Ago β€” Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Pieter: I am Pieter Harteveld a 68-year-old Dutch artist and creator of the “Analog Meta Experience collection”. I started composing music from the age of 16.

During 70's and 80's I played in several local bands. Later I switched to solo recording my own music. I used to like to tinker with electronics. Like building an electronic drum set from then still separate components such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors.

I have also always been fascinated by Art in general, technology and theoretical physics.

I never (until now) published my Art compositions because the lack of suitable platforms of creativity, expression, and completeness. I do not believe in a compartmentalized Artist- world. I strive in my art for combining all kind of expressions. like Music, digital Art, Science, Evolution, Human behaviour etc.

In the development of Metaverse and NFTs, I see incredibly imaginative and artistic expressions that go beyond the ordinary. Here I feel at home to (finally) express my creativity.

Chris: The Planckverse is a collection of just 27 NFTs. Why did you want to create such a small collection? Why not create just any other digital artwork piece?

Pieter: This is my first release and there will be more releases to come.

Each release consists of a music part and a video part.

The 27 parts of this Planckverse Journy together form one whole.

The idea behind the Planckverse Journey is the Combi-Art of;

- Unique analog music composition from 50 years ago,

- Unique analog visual movements

- Human behaviour such as collaboration versus “fear and greed” in the financial markets.(will the Planckverse Journey ever be reconstructed)

- The transition from the Metaverse to the Planckverse (will this Combi-Art stay or disappear)

After the 27 parts have changed hands, the one (or group) who can put the 27 parts in the correct order will be able to enjoy the entire original composition and receives the complete Planckverse Journey for free.

Announcement via NFT Calendar  / Twitter.

Chris: Interesting, please share more about the 50-year-old artwork. Where and how did you land on it?

Pieter: The music part is my own composition and was recorded 50 years ago in a construction shed in the heart of the Dutch town of Leiden where I lived at the time.

That's where my band rehearsed for local gigs. I recorded my music with an old tape recorder. These recordings have been lost for years and were recently found in an attic.

I can't tell you much about the Video part yet because I will announce this later. What I can say is that this is also a set of analog movements associated with the music

Chris: We understand that the collection comprises extremely rare pieces. Considering this, what will be the price of each token? Do you have any plans of hosting a Dutch auction?

Pieter: There will be no Dutch auction. To keep it affordable, the price of the NFT is between 0.018 and 0.5 Eth.

Chris: Similarly, what do the tokens look like? What makes each token unique and different from the others?

Pieter: Each token consists of a different music and a different video part. The (until now) never published composition from the early 70’s  was “one-time” recorded with a two-track tape recorder. As i said before, I can't tell you much about the Video part yet because I will announce this later. What I can say is that this is also a set of analog movements. When merged in the correct order the 27 parts of this Planckverse Journy together form one whole.

Chris: It is exciting! When is the public minting date for the Planckverse Journey NFTs? Do you plan to have a presale as well?I will have no presales.

Pieter: Currently the 27 parts are now being listed. The sale launch is on May 1st 10:00 AM (CEST)

Chris: The token must have a hardworking team working behind it. Please share more about your team members and their contributions toward Planckverse Journey tokens.

Pieter: Certainly, that was indeed a lot of work to make the Planckverse Journey tokens.

I've been working on this for over half a year. I am now putting together a team for the next release so that I can post the next releases faster.

Chris: In the end, what does your roadmap look like? What more do you want to do with the NFTs once the public minting is over?

Pieter: Well, the roadmap depends on several factors. But I can tell you that the next release has to do with the physics quantum phenomenon "Entangelment".

As I mentioned before, the roadmap will contain the same Combi-Art structure such as Music, digital Art, Science, Evolution, Human behaviour etc.