Chris Chris 03.04.2022

We base our Car Rarity from the Real World and you can Customize it as you wish — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself.

NFG team: We are a group of car lovers who want to use NFT and blockchain technology to improve the car investing and collecting experience, while creating a great community around something we love.

Chris: Non-Fungible Garage NFTs is a digital collection of car and garage artworks. What is unique about this car-garage collection that makes it stand out from the rest of the digital art collectibles filling up the Metaverse.  

NFG team: It solves big pain-points of car investing. Investing in car needs experience to avoid scam, big upfront investment, maintenance and repair, etc. Here, with NFT and blockchain technology, the problems are solved and now the car collecting and investing experience will be taken into another level

Chris: Besides, the presale begins in some time. How many cars will be up for sale? What are the presale prices for Non-Fungible Garage tokens? 

NFG team:  444 NFTs of 20 car models in the pre-sale. Each one is priced at 0.5 Sol. More cool models are coming up in the public sale.

Chris: So, what are the features and traits that make each token unique? How many such NFTs will be released in all? 

NFG team: We base our car rarity from the real-world. For example, the super-rare James Bond's GT5000 will be proportionately rarer than a civic. You will know right away if you get a rare car judging from the model you get.

Chris: At the same time, which ones are the rare tokens and how can one identify the rarities? 

NFG team: We also have rarity stars for the car models on our website: so check that out!

Chris: Interestingly, there is a garage trading feature. Please share more about it and how can one participate in the trading process? 

NFG team: The fun part about collecting cars is that you can customize and trade parts. At NFG when you mint during the pre-sale, you get a bundle of cars, wheels, decals, and other garage collectibles. Each element can be replaced and traded with others. For example, if you want to change the wheel of your car, just go to the secondary market to get the wheels you want from other holders or mint directly from us. This trading and customizing part will come in the later phase.

Chris: Similarly, please describe the minting process to our readers. Do you have a minting limit per investor? 

NFG team: No minting limits. We also specifically choose Solana and price our NFT on the lower side, because we don't want gas fees to kill trading and swapping activities in the future. Low priced NFT means more liquidity to the parts market in the future as more people have those parts as well.

Chris: We want to be updated on the latest news at Non-Fungibles Garage. What are your official channels of communication? 

NFG team: Check our twitter out: @needforgarage. You can find our website (whitepaper, roadmap, car rarity), and discord link there.