Chris Chris 02.04.2022

We aim to Help bring Social Awareness to the Medical Benefits of Marijuana β€” Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in the 420 Budz team?

John: What's up!? My name is John Rains - I'm an avid prospector, gold miner and treasure hunter turned Nft collector! After working several Nft projects on a volunteer basis I decided it was time to assemble a team of my own and bring my vision to life! I have an extensive background in sales and marketing from my twenty year career in the automotive industry. I have attempted to utilize my experience in team building to develop a culture that's centered around the communities involvement. You can view my LinkedIn and professional recommendations on our official Twitter @420budzNft

Chris: 420 Budz NFT stems from the idea to fight for legalizing marijuana. How will the NFT help towards the cause?

John: We aim to help bring social awareness to the medical benefits of medicinal and recreational marijuana. We proudly support @NORML and will be specifically donating to @TexasNORML for this phase of the project. Per our roadmap to sellout at 50% minted we will move 1 ETH to the NORML Donation wallet and at 100% minted we will add an additional 1 ETH to the donation wallet. So at sellout we will donate 2 ETH to @TexasNORML!

Chris: Similarly, the NFT is an artwork collectible that would provide passive income to its holders. How will the holders benefit from passive income? What will be the percentage of royalties shared?

John: Several successful projects are utilizing a royalty pool payout for a simple source of passive income. Obviously many variables will effect the level of payout but everything centers around trade volume on the secondary market. That's what makes 420 Budz so unique.. The economics of the utility will be voted on and decided by the community! Royalties are set at 10% and half (5%) will go to the royalty payout pool. Payout frequencies, rules to qualify etc. will all be decided by the community!

Chris: The first drop before aims to fund the project. How many tokens will be up for sale on the first drop? What will be the minting date?

John: The first drops main goal is to establish a solid community of founding members to help build and guide the project. The whole basis of the project is giving the community the control to make the decisions!? There's only 420 unique 1 of 1 Nfts in this collection of which 30% have already been minted. Initially we had planned on having a pre-sale and then a public sale but with the recent rise in ETH we decided to leave the mint open and the price the same for all!

Chris: Additionally, what will be the price of one NFT at public minting? Do you plan to have a presale as well?

John: Mint is currently open to everyone! Mint price is only .0420 ETH + Gas!

Chris: The artwork is detailed and animated. What are the different traits of the NFT? How is each NFT unique?

John: In this first collection each piece is individual and unique. We did not use AI to generate images with traits etc. we simply have available to mint 420 pieces of digital art made one at a time by our artist @EmmyWalka!

Chris: Consequently, who all are behind the creation and development of these pretty pieces of art? Please introduce us to your team.

John: We have an extensive team that have all done an awesome job! Special thanks to our amazing artist @EmmyWalka, to our dev @thSpongeQuan, and can't forget our staff within discord! Too many to list individually but THANK YOU to the entire team for bringing my vision to life!

Chris: The Founders ultimately decide the fate forwards for 420 Budz. What are the plans for the future of the token after public minting?

John: The future plans are really in the hands of the community! There has been ideas of a P2E game, staking, breeding strains.. Several exciting ideas for phase two but first things first, we have to establish our initial 420 Founders!
Chris: Before closing, please share the minting procedure for the benefit of the potential investors.

John: Simply go to
Click "Connect Wallet"
Set mint amount (up to 10 per transaction)
Click "Mint"