Chris Chris 03.04.2022

Holders will Receive Exclusive Perks from Our Partners — Creator's Interview

This time around we are talking to Chris Augustine - Co-Founder & CEO of Go MetaRail.

Professional Background: Engineering at Apple and successful startups.

Chris from NFT Calendar: Go MetaRail is connecting the metaverse with a travel network. Please share an overview of the idea behind your NFTs.

Chris: As we expand our network to include more exciting metaverses, we want to pass on exciting perks like whitelist spots, exclusive items, alpha/beta playtester slots, etc from these partnerships. To enjoy these giveaways and rewards, join our Go MetaRail Club by purchasing our NFTs. Our NFTs are unique, fully 3d futuristic trains, that will blow your mind, and the utility is even better!

Chris from NFT Calendar: Likewise, you have picked the Polygon blockchain for the NFT. What benefits does it have over the usual and popular Ethereum for Go MetaRail NFT?

Chris: We like the proof-of-stake environmental friendliness of Polygon and also the low gas fees. This makes minting simple for our club members

Chris from NFT Calendar: To clarify, how can one invite users into the Metaverse through Go Metarail NFT? 

Chris: By owning our Go MetaRail Club NFTs and receiving exclusive perks from our partners, it will be like being a VIP member in the metaverse.

People will be jealous of your status as a club member, since you will have such exclusive access to items and events.

Chris from NFT Calendar: What will be the cost of one NFT? How much would gas be on the Polygon blockchain?

Chris: One NFT is 35 MATIC. Gas fees on Polygon are negligible. Usually only a few pennies.

Chris from NFT Calendar: Before closing, please share the minting process for the benefit of your potential investors reading this interview.

Chris: To whitelist, join our discord, reach level 7 in the chat and invite 7 members. The mint instructions will be sent as we get closer to the date.