Unifred Unifred 20.06.2024

Doodles to Migrate Stoodio to Ethereum L2 Base in July

Popular Ethereum PFP project Doodles is migrating its Stoodio platform to the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Base in July 2024. This migration indicates that Stoodio will leave the Flow blockchain, a layer-1 network it embraced since January 2023. The Doodles team believes this new move will ease the onboarding process for new users and expand their income stream.

With the shift to Base, Doodle’s Stoodio will pave the way for users to access customizable user-generated content (UGC) tools, quests, games, and loyalty programs & rewards. Noteworthily, the Doodles NFT collection will remain in the Ethereum mainnet, while Stoodio and other NFT wearables and characters will be moved to Base.

Being a layer-2 scaling solution, the Base network offers fast and cheap transactions, compared with the Ethereum blockchain. Since its debut in August 2023, the Coinbase-tied Base blockchain has captured the attention of multiple crypto-focused projects in the industry.

Details about the shift to the Base chain were discussed in last week’s interview with podcaster Adam Levy, Doodles CEO Julian Holguin and Base creator Jesse Pollak. The Doodles CEO stressed that the migration to the Base network is a step towards mass adoption of the PFP project.

“If we really are going to build an entertainment studio in the future that's internet-native and on-chain, we need to create really rewarding and rich experiences for our core base. [. . .] Aligning with Coinbase and Base brings us back to our roots and propels our mission to make crypto more accessible and engaging,” he said.

The move to the Base network is commemorated with an open edition mint on the Zora NFT marketplace since June 17. At the time of writing, over 38,160 Base x Doodles commemorative collectibles have been minted.

Doodles’ move to join a new blockchain network follows its extensive initiatives to bring more doodle-themed expeditions to its community. These collective efforts are geared toward introducing the most utility to the ecosystem.