Chris Chris 08.08.2022

The First 333 Holders Receive a Percentage of the Total Revenue of the Trading Bots β€” Creator's Interview

What's good in the hood, folks? I'll tell you what. Today my guest is Delroy Frazer — Founder of Dog Zone NFT.

As a founder and entrepreneur, Delroy values innovation above all else. An enthusiastic early adopter of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology, Delroy loves the freedom and creativity new technologies are bringing to the world. His experience, vision, and enthusiasm drive the project forward.

Chris: Dog Zone is not just another play-to-earn gaming concept released on the Metaverse. Please tell our readers, how id Dog Zone NFT different from other games?

Delroy: Most NFTs are just artwork. Some do well because they’re cleverly marketing or have celebrity backing. Many lack utilities and fail to get much traction.

But our offering is different. 

Holders of DOG ZONE NFTs gain access to our algorithmic trading platform. 

Our members will benefit from increasingly valuable NFTs while also being able to profit through our trading platform.

This “double whammy” of potential profit is something that very few other NFT projects offer.

Chris: In fact, we would like to know more about the story behind the creation of the Dog Zone tokens? What inspired you to create the tokens based on dogs?

Delroy: The thinking behind this is that - people could play against the game and win free tokens - which then makes it the utilities.

Chris: So, Dog Zone is also backing a charitable cause. What is the cause and how does the token support it?

Delroy: The idea is to give some of the money raised through the NFT sales once all collections have been sold to give part to selected animal charities in various locations. Everyone is using animal image to create games and make profit, yet they turn a blind eye to the mistreatment of animals in the real world.

Chris: The whitelisted members are allowed to participate in the presale. How does one get on the whitelist? When is the presale?

Delroy: The private sale is on right now - and 333 are on sale - and people can access it here.

The first 333 holders receive a percentage of the total revenue of the trading bots. The rest will be divided between the remainder of the collection.

Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Again, what are the different traits and features of the token? How is each token unique? Do you also have some rare traits?

Delroy: Traits range from: Mounth, Neck, Collars, Skins, Skin Colours, Gender - male and female

Chris: There is an additional scope to earn passive income for all holders of the Dog Zone NFT. What are these benefits and how does one earn passively?

Delroy: Holders of the token will earn from the profit of the trading platform - so the more you hold, the more you will earn. In addition to this, holders do earn from the secondary sale of each NFTs.

Chris: Furthermore, what will be the price of each token at the public minting? What will be the minting process?

Delroy: The minting is live for the first 333 private sales and the current price is 0.09 ETH -  we are yet to determine the price of the other collections.

At the moment, the current floor price on OpenSea already hits 0.45 ETH - so it is up about 4 times the mint price - some people listing it for 1 ETH already.

Chris: Before we close, please share some important targets from your roadmap for 2022.

Delroy: Trying to have the trading platform ready within another month or so and then we will have private testing for holders. As we move forward, we will be adding more winning trading strategies.