Dog Zone

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July 13, 2022 – July 20, 2022



DOG ZONE is an original NFT play-to-earn gaming concept with a collection of 7777 Dog Zone Traps - unique digital utility collectables.

The game is wrapped around a woman’s battle to save her four-legged friends from an evil robot hell bent on creating a new breed of cyborg dogs.

Players work with their virtual dog to beat the machine and save the day. Dog Zone also donates to real dog charities around the world. 

We are now offering 333 pre-mints to our whitelisted members. 

333 holders will have access to exclusive benefits, including: 

- 70% of all revenue from secondary sales, paid out in ETH.  That means you’ll earn passive income from all our upcoming Dog Zone collection sales.

- Free puppy drops from our puppy collection, without having to breed dogs.

(Normally you’d need to hold both male and female NFTs to be able to breed and earn puppies. But as a 333 holder, you skip the line.)

- A share of the profits from our in-development trading platform, BOTSUITE. 

- First access to all our upcoming projects and much more.

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