Madonna Joined the Bored Ape Community with the Characterful BAYC #4988 Purchase

In recent days, you can hardly find a celebrity, who would stand aside from the overwhelming NFT rash. Some, like for example Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg, have been on the frontline of the movement, while others are just doing their first steps in the realm. Thus, superstar Madonna has finally 'given up' on the trend and joined the BAYC family.

The Queen of Pop announced the purchase of the characterful rock-glam Bored Ape #4988 for 180 ETH or slightly under half a million USD on her multi-million Instagram

"I finally entered the MetaVerse. My very own Ape! What should I name her?" the singer's Instagram post says. According to that same post, Madonna thanked the crypto platform MoonPay for their help in the precious NFT purchase. "We all need protection from Evil Eye," the seven-time Grammy winner also added in her post. 

While the role of NFTs in the protection from evil is an arguable question, becoming part of the top-ranking BAYC community is totally beneficial. The news of Madonna's intentions to enter the Bored Ape family has been circulating in the realm for quite a long time. Thus, on January 3rd, one of the BAYC holders Lindsey Byrnes turned to Madonna on Twitter with the suggestion to buy the Bored Ape #3756, suggesting it would perfectly fit the Queen of Pop. Of course, Madonna tweeted back, asking how she could bring the idea to life.

Thus, the MoonPay crypto firm engaged in the process of the NFT acquisition on Madonna’s behalf for 180 ETH on March 14th. The valuable Ape arrived at Madonna's OpenSea wallet on March 23rd.

Of course, after the recent NFT integration, Madonna’s Twitter PFP features her valuable Ape NFT.

Now, the superstar's huge army of fans is excited about when their idol's own NFTs will be released. No one knows whether the pop icon is planning to proceed with the NFT collection launch. Time will show!