44 NFT collections launched on the 3rd of August 2022

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NFT Collectibles by Funko Pop

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Loved by both kids and adults, the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) franchise brings its thirty-four-year legacy to web3 in collaboration with Funko and TokenHead. 

Crypto Legends

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Presale: 999 Legends (August 2nd)

Number of Pieces: 9,000 (Male & Female)

Price 0.09

Human beings are wonderful creatures, with the power to change the world. Humans’...

Guardians Of Avalon

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 08, 2022

Guardians Of Avalon (G.O.A) is a collection of 9,999 NFTs that reside on the Ethereum blockchain. 6 forms, 6 classes with over 200 traits to represent unique characteristic and personality...

AA Alchemy

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Minting is live now. Mint price: 0.005 ETH

Architecture As Alchemy (AA Alchemy) is an NFT Collection that explores Architecture design. It has 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum network,...

RoseWear: Urban Wear nft collection

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Discover The First-ever Urban Collection

RoseWear: Urban Collection is a set of 62 3D-rendered unique art pieces inspired by modern street fashion. The half-elf model, Roselynn, hails from the metaverse...

VirSin NFT (Phase one) - NFT based on 7 Deadly Sins

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

VirSin is short for Virtue and Sin.  Phase 1 features the Sin, a 10k NFT collection of an algorithmically-generated hero character who by way of the Seven Deadly Sins loses...

Wolfies NFT Drop

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

"Just a JPEG"

Wolfies are a front-row, utility-packed ticket to the protocol which is making asset management accessible, efficient, and decentralized: SolStreet.finance

What SolStreet’s Wolfies collection...

Eternal Hearts

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 17, 2022

Webpage: eternalhearts.art , eternalcryptohearts.com

Available on: opensea.io

The Soulful Art Group is proud to present the 10.000 Eternal Hearts NFT collection available on opensea.io starting the 27th...

A.nimalis I.ntelligente

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

A Collection of 20 Dystopian Diptychs from NFTHABIT.io.

Who knows what this wave of the newly classfied will bring. Could be mayhem could be harmony! We'll find out soon enough....

Mutant Musks updated

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Gameplay Sneak Peek Video On Twitter

Mutant Musks is a 10,000 NFT collection inspired by Elon Musk, with a Metaverse Game in the making that aims for its members to...

Johnny Demonic

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022


of 1000 Unique Hand-drawn Artworks.

Launch: Milestones of 20 Artworks 

(First 20 Artworks are available and featured on Binance NFT Marketplace)

Starting price: 1 BNB


Neomechanica New Nft Listed

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Project about futuristic visions illustrated with a cyberpunk style.

This collection is keep evolving and an augmented really feature will be add in it too.

This is a 1/1 art...

The Daily Investor Lifetime Membership NFT

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Limited of 10 per Tier Lifetime Membership NFT to The Daily Investor. The top NFT tier gives you access to all of my crypto/stock likes, my purchases, dividend stocks and...

GasMonster NFT

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

GasMonster NFT is a project of unique generative dynamic NFTs consisting of dragons living on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a next-generation NFT project that implements the world's first...

Bally On The Block Nft

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Bally on the Block is a UK grime inspired collection of 7,777 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Hailing from the streets Of London where grime, drill and hip hop do...

Red Panda Gang

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Red Panda Gang Mint first public sale live for 5 matic 

10K #NFT Red Panda Gang Who Making Problems in #Polygon #Blockchain


Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Treksters love fashion, travel, music and NFTs, but most importantly they love their country and embrace other cultures. 7,777 collections from 52 countries launched on the Ethereum blockchain Treksters...

NFT is War

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

We are a series of Pay Per NFT collections. Each collection will be a lottery like system. Purchase your NFT for entry, once the collection is sold out a...

Instant Lotto - Degen Mint

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Thisolanaarcadegames.com under the big umberalla of 

Instant Lotto  is a page mint of first chapter of Solana Arcade Games under Elves of Elysium . The players have a chance to win...

DoucheBags Official Public Mint

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

DoucheBag labs is busting into the metaverse at lightning speed with the release of our first collection DoucheBags NFT on July 31st, 2022. The intro collection...

Frogbestie Kindergarten Minting

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Minting is live now! The minting price is only 0.05 SOL.

Frogbestie Kindergarten.

Bring one of the 1000 NFT little froglet collection and watch how it goes. They depict a little...

Reaper Jr.

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Mint price: 0.05 ETH. Mint date: August TBA.Reaper Jr. is a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled NFTs. Each Reaper Jr. is your entry ticket into the great Reaper ecosystem....

Party All You Want

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

The M4TM Genesis Edition features 140 unique album cover artworks to the new song "Party All You Want" by Gio Castilhos. The artwork and music were independently produced by the artist in...


Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

I have Made Some Awsome NFTs.  I am saleing them less than 0.05 ETH .

Post Apocalyptic Club

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

In the future, the Bored Ape Yacht Club will expire and be replaced by robot apes. Post-apocalyptic robot apes will rule the world. You're going to need one of these...

Korean Traditional Culture NFT

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

This is the world's first-ever Korean traditional culture NFT collection. Dive into the uniqueness of Korean traditional culture today. Unlike many NFT collections that are made up of randomly generated...

Kyzan Clanz - Exercise to Earn

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Did you know that 30% of the world doesn't have access to clean water, and 10% of the global population is considered impoverished? That means they make less than...

Poly Tigers Club

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Poly tigers club is a collection of 10k unique and rare poly tigers minted on polygon blockchain.10k  poly tigers enter the MetaVerse to connect metaverse with real world and Aware...


Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

The SHADOWZ are the protectors of the SOUTHERN EMPIRE, the capital of the SHADOWZVERSE. Creative monks, warriors, mages and rogues that spend their days sharpening their skillz. But when they...

Solspy - solana tools

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Solspy wraps every tool that a trader would want in just a single platform.

The Jrney

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

The JRNey is a story driven NFT collection in partnership with Altai, a street wear clothing brand from Brazil, that consists of 6543 algorithmically generated flamingos on the Cardano Blockchain....


Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

We're Giving away 12 000 Pixels for free

TheMasterPiece is an 8K community piece of art made up of 33,177,600 pixels. Each pixel is an NFT storing a color and...

Martian Man

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Inspired from "Elon musk",

Elon reeve musk frs is a business magnate and investor. He is the founder, ceo, and chief engineer at spacex; angel investor, ceo, and product architect...

Project Advent

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Internal NFT collection of 6666 Devils varying in looks and rarity. You will be able to immerse yourself into the exciting story of our protagonist and trace the history of...

Aliencrooks 2nd Public Mint

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

AlienCrooks launched as a fixed set of 1,000 items in mid-2022 and did not become one of the inspirations for the ERC-721 standard. They have not been featured in places...

Meta galaxy of art

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

The NFT METAGalaxy Of Art project aims to unite all creative spheres on the Artaria meta-planet. The first collection called "Funny Ears" was born to a young lady. She often...

Ada Fantasy | NFT

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

The first p2e mmorpg game with tangible value assets on the nft aspect. Our vision is to bring the p2e and nft aspects to mmorpg

M4rabbit Mint Aug.3rd 2022

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Doxxed team with a collection of 888 high quality 3D space rabbits! The launch is august 3rd of this Founders collection filled with over 25 1/1to include golden armors, legendaries...

Toshimeta Anime and App Utility

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

a PFP project and NFT tool app for iOS and Android with things like free mint alerts, floor alerts, mint alerts, trackers, mint calendars and much more straight from...

Ldd Frens Wave 2 Mint Coming

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

A collection of 10,000 unique, VAULT-able and stake-able NFTs of 8 characters on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to create a sound ecosystem where economics, gaming, socialistaion, communication...

Cloud Dudes Community Free Mint

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Cloud Dudes don't know what sadness. Clouds are positive. Be like the Clouds! :) Cloud Dudes NFT Community is the collection of 9999 NFTs that was generated on the Ethereum...


Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

10,023 Bees going on an Autistic Adventure!

We're building The Bee Collab Sanctuary!

Bee populations are rapidly declining due to habitat loss, diseases, pollution, and increased apathy

That’s why we’re...

Global care token

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

The Global Care Token was created to care people and the future.

It is defined as the NGOs token, since it aims to be a network that groups...


Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

BoredyPunks-Z is a collection of unique and cool punks ready to conquer the Polygon Blockchain!!!