4 NFT collections launched on the 25th of June 2021

The Idea Guide by Vollut

Jun 25, 2021 – Jun 26, 2021

Digital artist Lenar Singatullov aka Vollut comes to Crypto.com with an NFT Collection. Titled ‘The Idea Guide’, it drops on June 25th.

Being a representative...

Aurum by Ayshia Taskin

Jun 25, 2021 – Jun 26, 2021

'Aurum' NFT piece by Intermedia artist Ayshia Taskin a.k.a [ a y s h ] drops on KnownOrigin.

Collection: Positronic Minerals [2021] Atomic number: Seventy-Nine [79] EDITIONS:1...

I’d Buy That For A Dollar by Trevor Andrew

Jun 25, 2021 – Jun 26, 2021

On June 25th, Trevor Andrew aka Gucci Ghost comes to Nifty Gateway with a new NFT Collection. Titled ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’, the collection is for hodlers of...

Heir to the Throne by Jay-Z x Derrick Adams

Jun 25, 2021 – Jul 02, 2021

From June 25th to July 2nd, the ‘Heir to the Throne’ NFT piece commissioned by JAY-Z and created by renowned artist Derrick Adams will be available...