I’d Buy That For A Dollar by Trevor Andrew

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June 25, 2021 – June 26, 2021






On June 25th, Trevor Andrew aka Gucci Ghost comes to Nifty Gateway with a new NFT Collection. Titled ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’, the collection is for hodlers of NFT pieces by Trevor Andrew.

The main condition for entering the draw for purchasing is to hold at least one of the artist’s NFT’s.

Trevor Andrew is a multi-disciplinary artist who critiques and explores contemporary socio-economic structures through his artworks. Analyzing consumerism, Gucci Ghost brings to the foreground questions regarding “real” vs. its perception: as luxury.

Within the ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’ NFT Collection, the artist drops 3 new pieces, editions of 8, priced at $1 each.

If you own NFTs by Trevor Andrew, mark your calendars for June 25th not to miss an opportunity to add new pieces to your collections!

Tags: #art

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