6 NFT collections launched on the 16th of March 2021

Allurium by Roger Dean

Mar 16, 2021 – Mar 16, 2021

Roger Dean is an English artist, designer, architect, and publisher. He is mostly known for the covers of music albums that he began painting in the late...

friENDS FOREVER by Kenny Beats x Andrew Pulig

Mar 16, 2021 – Mar 16, 2021

Kenny Beats is an artist and a multi-platinum producer as well as a DJ who works with several kinds of music: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Alt. Andrew...


Mar 16, 2021 – Mar 16, 2021

Lushsux is an anonymous Australian street artist who gained world fame. Being the world's first official meme artist and founder of the meme movement, his artworks received...

Extinction by WhIsbe

Mar 16, 2021 – Mar 16, 2021

WhIsbe is a street artist of unverified identity from NY. He became famous thanks to mysterious vandal gummy mugshots that began appearing on the streets of Brooklyn...

Zack Snyder’s Justice League x Boss Logic

Mar 16, 2021 – Mar 16, 2021

Unfortunately, this drop has been canceled due to IP complications. The Nifty Gateway marketplace apologizes to community members who were excited for this collaboration.

Kode Abdo, aka

Mind, Body, & Soul by PLS&TY x Fakito

Mar 16, 2021 – Mar 16, 2021

Tommy Leas aka PLS&TY – an electronic dance music scene representative has teamed up with a 3D Artist from Argentina Fakito to drop a...