Yummi Universe Founders Pack

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March 15, 2024 – March 15, 2024





Yummy Universe Founders Pack Sale

Unlock the magic of Yummy Universe!

Dive into the heart of the Yummy Universe with our first-ever Collectible Yummy Universe Card Packs. Packs can be opened on our Village page. Each contains 4 collectible playing cards for the upcoming Yummy Universe Trading Card Game.

  • Why Grab a Founders Pack?
  • Ultra-Rare Collectibles: Be one of the few to own the inaugural cards of Yummi Universe.
  • Future Perks: Your Founder Pack is key to ongoing benefits, including early access to upcoming Yummi Universe game titles.
  • Collect a Digital Legacy: Own a piece of digital artistry and a symbol of the pioneer spirit.

Each Monster, Move, and Trainer card has a different chance of being pulled but also comes in three different rarities (Parallax, Holo, Full Holo) with Monster cards having an extra legendary Shiny rarity tier. Each of our cards are designed with hand-drawn art by talented digital artists, while all featuring the parallax effect, adding the depth of a third dimension. Cards from the Holo and Full Holo tiers have a holographic rainbow effect suited to match each card. Shiny Monster Cards have different features applied, such as unique glitter, patterns, color variations, holographic effects, and more. That makes over 350 different card variations in total to collect!

Each pack will contain a total of 4 cards:

  • At least one card of the Holo rarity tier or above
  • Three random cards

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