Alien Cats (Mars Cats Voyage)

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July 28, 2022 – August 03, 2022





The Alien Cat NFTs are an exclusive limited collection on ETH with a total supply of 12K, created by the team working on the Mars Cats Voyage (MCV) project (sold out in Sept 2021).

This collection plays off of the storyline established for the original (OG) Mars Cats collection of 10K NFTs and their Voyage to Mars.

Alien Cat NFTs will unlock exclusive utility for holders-only (similar to that of OG MCV NFTs) within our discord, our members only website, and in the game. Check the full list of utilities below.

The 12K Alien Cat collection will be released unrevealed:

All holders of the OG MCV collection will receive a FREE airdrop of one Alien Cat for each Mars Cat they own (10K);

An additional 2K Alien Cats will be made available to the public via a sale on our website. We will also reserve 500 of these as Whitelist spots for our community (0.03ETH).

Utility for Alien Cat NFTs

Owning an Alien Cat NFT from the 12K collection means you become the exclusive owner of a piece in the newest expansion of the MCV ecosystem. Holders receive:

Truly unique high quality piece of art from our Artist with 30+ years of experience

Compounded future benefits if you also hold NFTs in the OG collection

Future gamified utility

Holder role in Discord + access to exclusive closed chats only for holders

Additional special airdrops from the team or from talented artists we collaborate with (Mars Cats Specials, Mars Cats Collabs, etc.)

Access to the official Merch Store

Access to our website tools exclusive for holders (make PFPs, Banners and Greeting cards)

Exclusive access to 4K high resolution images

And much more is coming…Aliens open a new chapter in the MCV Universe. Undoubtedly, there are many more amazing discoveries and encounters ahead of us. That’s why Mars Cats Voyage is attracting more and more fans and collectors around the world.Excited? Get on board!

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