Who Shot Andy Warhol?

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May 27, 2021 – May 31, 2021






On May 27th, a never-before-seen photo of Andy Warhol drops on OpenSea. The NFT piece will be released by TRiPTYCH , a crypto media incubator and culture accelerator founded by Marty Callner, Karsen Woods, and Jazz Callner.

About 30 years ago, award-winning producer, creative consultant, and digital video pioneer Steve Reiss found an open garbage bag with some photo prints and slide boxes. There was an 8”x10" color photo of Andy Warhol in the bag.

“Finding the photograph reminded me that art is everywhere, even in the trash. I have been an art enthusiast for decades, both as a collector of architectural drawings, graffiti, and street art, and as a photographer and music video maker” – tells Steve.

No one knows who has taken this shot of a legendary artist. This is the reason why Steve Reiss together with TRiPTYCH called on the power of the blockchain to amplify a 30-year search for the original photographer.

The unidentified photographer has been written into the smart contract to receive royalties from the sales made on OpenSea. If there is someone who helps find the creator of this photo, he will also get royalties.

‘Who Shot Andy Warhol?’ is the 1/1 NFT piece which is the high-resolution digital file + the physical 8x10 photograph in its original, unaltered condition.

Mark your calendars for May 27th to find out the answer to the burning question: ‘Who Shot Andy Warhol?’

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