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September 10, 2022 – September 17, 2022





A Private Collection of 10.000 Avocados living in Polygon

Made by 16 years old me. All the Avocados Designs are made 100% by me thanks to my iPad and pencil (10% sales will go to Charity UNICEF)

We are a big community!!!

-Instagram: Santiago García (@wakacrypto_nft) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

  • Twitter: Wakacrypto_nft (@NftWakacrypto) / Twitter

  • Youtube: JustChill - YouTube

Each tier will have different prices to make sure Investor's Profit & Floor.


10/03/2022: Start creating NFT models with my ipad

11/03/2022: Looking for a Charity to destiny 10% sales

12/03/2022: Set up social medias and WP-OWNERS benefits

02/06/2022: Finish creating 10 000 NFT's models

11/07/2022: Start marketing

01/09/2022 NFT Avocados Start Minting on opensea

Hope we can make season 2 (make it happen)

This is not a crypto punk nor bored ape but this avocado will explode in your heart. 

Cool art nft's collection!


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