Voyage 01: Planets

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April 13, 2022 – April 20, 2022




A collection of 200 1-0f-1 photos of planets made by mixing different liquids, amounts of air, and beautiful post-production work. First collection of the Future of Color universe, founded by a professional photographer. 

Each NFT has utility, including Special Discord access, exclusive merch, automatic whitelist for other FoC mints, Voyager pass NFT airdrop, and more.

Holders of more NFTs will get even better perks, including a portrait taken through the webcam (A professional photo-shoot, done by the project founder), chance to appear in live streams, special merch at a discounted price, chance to receive mentoring and coaching in photography.

We will build a metaverse gallery, and feature the art and work of our community. We will help promote the artists within our community, so they get the spotlight they need.

First collection dropping on the 20th of March, through

Mint price 200 USD

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