The Human Mind And Art

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May 30, 2024 – June 06, 2024





The human mind and art

Discover a universe of creativity

This project is led by the architect and digital artist conceptual arqmaxnft, who, with over 80 years of life,passionately directs a team that has shaped the exploration of digital surrealism and the interaction between thehuman mind and art through various nft collections grouped under this project, the human mind and art.
Here, art, technology, and narrative merge to create a unique and meaningful experience that transcends the boundaries of reality.
The human mind and art encompasses 5 nft collections:

1. The human mind (30 nft)
Unique and exclusive edition

This vision of the human mind is, in essence, the result of the interaction between surrealist automatism based on careful observation and chance operations, intuition, the actions of our subconscious, and digitalart.
#minduniverse #surrealart #enigma

2. A galaxy animal (30 nft)
Unique and exclusive edition

An animal from the galaxy presents the story of an extraterrestrial being that takes the form of a cat tosupport the planet in its struggle for peace, while highlighting the importance of affectionate animals, particularly cats. Through its imagery linked to cave art, this cosmic being offers its support in the form of nfts.
Wars constitute the planets main problem, with the staggering consequences of hundreds of millions of human beings dying and/or being affected as a result of the first and second world wars alone. This collection of nfts aims to support the fight for peace through art.
#galacticadventures #nftart #artforpeace

3. Save the soil with art (40 nft)
Unique and exclusive edition

A surrealistic sculpture that embodies the very essence of soil, and its digital version linked to differenttypes of soil, becomes nfts, showcasing its importance, beauty, and the dangers it faces.

The sculpture and the magic of nfts, powerful tools are erected to support the preservation and restoration of the soil.
#soilpreservation #nftart #earthrevival

4. Lions of fu (32 nft)
Unique and exclusive edition

This collection merges the distant culture of asia and buddhist philosophy, resulting in mythical creaturesthat serve as guardians of happiness.
#mythicalcreatures #guardians #protectors #mythology

5. Painted masks and attributes of beijing opera (40 nft)
Unique and exclusive edition

Masks and attributes of beijing opera are made of ebony through lacquer and glazing techniques. The masks serve as makeup for the actors in practice.

The beijing opera is included in the list of cultural heritage.
#beijingopera #culturalheritage #chineseculture

Road map
New variants of the presented collections
Silhouette paintings in cloisonn ceramic

Each painting represents a unique female silhouette, capturing form and movement with exquisite details.

Ceramic vessel depicting the first ceremony of the youngest living chinese buddha of the
Last century.

This ceramic vessel will transport you through time and connect you with buddhist spirituality

Vase decorated with over 100 figures of warriors from the 1st peasant revolution in china

This ceramic piece will captivate you with its rich symbolism and meticulous detail.

Lacquered metal plates

Each plate is meticulously crafted and features unique designs that combine the beauty of metal with traditional lacquer craftsmanship.

Stained glass windows

These digitized stained glass windows allow you to enjoy the beauty and luminosity of these artworks in
Nft format.

Diverse carvings

This collection will showcase a variety of artistic carvings in different materials such as wood or bone. Each carving will be unique.

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