Unreasonable People NFT

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July 15, 2022 – July 22, 2022





Film Magic is a fantastic collaboration between artists and technologists. We are bringing you a 10K collection that is a little bit pop-art, and a little bit about you. Three different tiers, with over 1,500 of the NFTs total, will let you become part of the action. Each month, an owner with a card with a tier for that month, is eligible will be able to upload an image of themselves or a loved one and get it turned into a mini-collection of one of our extended series of NFTs. We will build you likeness into a subset of our extended NFT collection. All NFT holders are eligible for monthly contests, where we ask for a select number of top videos or images depicting a certian mood, and turn those into NFTs! We are exerimental and will create fun art in collaboration with you. Get on board!

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