Universe of branches

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February 26, 2022 – March 05, 2022





This collection is from branches of different universes, they plan to release 100 each with 300 copies,this collection is in opensea and in the polygon blockchain

This project aims to make some nft so that anyone can invest and make profits without risk of loss.

Instagram:(newly created) https://instagram.Com/branch_nft?Utm_medium=copy_link

Discord and twitter:they will be created soon since I don't know where to start

Each tier will have different prices to make sure the investor's profit & floor

Prices:1-100= 0.004

Prices:101-200= 0.010

Prices:201-300= 0.016


10/02/2022:star creating nft models 

11/02/2022:loking for charity to destiny % sales

12/02/2022:the nft are being created to get 1 or 2 a day until they reach 100 

14/02/2022:create collection landing page on opensea 

19/02/2022:we started to put the branches (nft) in opensea

?? When the 100 nft are sold with their 300 copies we will release a season 2 and those who have an nft from season 1 will be receiving a free nft from the second season 

This not a crypto punk nor bored ape but this branch will explode in your ehart

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