The Ultimate Artist Collaboration (TUAC) curated by Loopify

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March 03, 2021 – March 03, 2021





Loopify, an investor in the spaces, a great supporter of NFT, and a true believer in art, has taken the initiative and created the biggest NFT collaboration that unites 100 artists.

On the 3d of March, it all will start from the Edition 200. There will be 151 pieces for sale, 49 are already on pre-orders. Each of them will cost 0.3 ETH. Then there will be an auction (The final 1/1) that will start the same day. The final 1/1 will be a GAN model going through all 100 artworks in video format. All the earnings will go directly to the artists, charity, and other meaningful things.

Among 100 artists, there are both big names and new artists who Loopify decided to support and bring to the public.

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