The Swaggy Stallion Collection

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June 16, 2022 – June 23, 2022





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Without you, nothing is possible. Despite the fact that there is a hierarchy in the NFT Horse Club, we wanted everyone to be on the same level. This project isn't just a collection of artistic and exclusive NFTs. It's also and above all a useful project that brings together serious investors, entrepreneurs and celebrities who share the same values of fellowship with a common goal. That's why, owning at least one NFT from the "NFT Horse Club" automatically grants you a place in our club along with the token to provide holder rights and also passive income (dividends). So we go big together.


This first drop is about the Swaggy Stallion Collection. (100 polygon each)

Once all of the Swaggy Stallion Collection horses are reunited, we will be able to retrieve the clubs rewards together.

  • 1 Lucky Horse NFT will win 10'000 £ (GBP) in Ethereum
  • 15 Special Horse NFTs will win 1'000 £ (GBP) in Ethereum

Payments will be made when all of the collection has been sold.

All of the NFT members of the NFT Horse Club will receive a DAO token that provides voting powers on the next phase of the project.

Project Money Breakdown

100 polygon each x 1000 = 100'000 polygon (£110'000 GBP) Total for Phase 1 Project - Based on today's rate 1 polygon = £1.10 GBP (17.03.2022)

54545 polygon (£60'000 GBP) = Phase 2 Project - Design, Marketing & 3D Game Setup. - To be done over the next 6 months.

27272 polygon (£30'000 GBP) = NFT Holder Prizes - Prizes above will be given to holders 1 week after sell out of phase 1. Remainder of the money to be spent on merchandise and prizes for race day winners.

9091 polygon (£10'000 GBP) = The Horse Trust Charity - payment to the charity will be given 1 week after sell out of phase 1.

9092 polygon (£10,000 GBP) = VIP Race Day Packages to Members - 15-20 people will be chosen for a VIP race day package, race day to take place in July/August time.

The prices of polygon will change so the above details are estimated. When the project sells out then we will determine the actual values of the project and split accordingly to the correct money values.

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