The Slime's

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





Nft collection of more than 200 nft established in the Poligon network.

* Created By Stony 16 years old 




For every 2 NFt purchased you are participating in exclusive community sweepstakes (such as Streaming Services accounts or early access to future collections).

Price: 0.005ETH


Part 1

Upload the first part of the collection composed of 200 NFT

raffle one nft from the collection after selling the first 5 nfts

 Advance in the collection's social networks

Selling the first half of part 1

Make collaborations with community members

Part 2

Rewards for invitations to the community discord

upload the second part of the collection which will consist of another 200 nft.

Sell a considerable number of nft to reveal the benefits of the collection. ( Not yet defined, we will decide them together with the community.)

Once the entire collection is 100% sold, The Slime's Part Two will be created (Investors will get a free nft of Part One and a free nft of Part Two).

Part 3 (Coming soon...)

This is no Crypto punk or Bored Ape but this Slime will explode in your libr

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