The Sandbox Land Sale in Partnership with Celebrities and Brands

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November 24, 2022 – December 09, 2022






The leading Ethereum-driven metaverse gamified platform The Sandbox has launched a new grand land sale in collaboration with over 14 top brands and web3 tycoons. The NFT land plots will be dropping in three waves, with the first one launched on November 24th. The big-name partners of The Sandbox for this massive virtual real estate sale include Snoop Dogg, Tony Hawk, Playboy, L'Officiel, and others. Moreover, it is the first time that The Sandbox collaborates with multiple brands to launch an NFT land sale.

Thus, over 1,967 land units will be sold through 69 auctions, with only one plot available for one wallet. The first wave, entitled California Dreamin', started on November 24th, welcoming gamers to join the raffle up to November 28th, with the minting to begin on November 29th. The first land sale comprises 237 regular and 68 premium virtual plots, which will be sold through 17 auctions, allowing landlords to acquire metaverse land, neighboring Snoop Dogg, Tony Hawk, FaZe Clan, and others.

Further, starting from December 1st to 5th, users will be offered to participate in The Galleria land sale wave. The second series will be composed of 303 regular and 44 premium lands throughout 14 auctions, neighboring the iconic fashion, art, and media brands, including Time, L'Officiel, Cipriani, and beyond.

The third wave, named Voxel Madness, will go live in early 2023 with 155 regular and 22 premium land plots on offer for blockchain gamers. Mobile giant Cut the Rope will be bringing the heat, allowing users to build their own metaverse in the metaverse.

The raffles will go live within 24 hours, driven by the blind ballot system. This guarantees that some players may gain plots of land next to celebrities and brands like Snoop Dogg, or Cipriani. To enter an auction, gamers will need to have at least 1,011 SAND or about $530 in their wallets. 

Join the first land sale wave right away and grab a chance to become a metaverse landlord with Playboy VR mansion or the iconic rapper Nipsey Husslen in the neighborhood.

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