The Magic Fairies

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April 02, 2023 – April 08, 2023





Welcome to the Enchanted Island of Fairies! 

Introducing a collection of 4444 enchanting fairies on the Ethereum blockchain.

Get your hands on one of these limited edition NFTs for as low as 0.005 ETH for WL and 0.01 ETH for public release.

Once upon a time, on the magical island, the fairies lived in harmony, playing and having fun with the mystical creatures of the island. The fairies, with their powerful elemental abilities, kept the island in balance and all lived happily with their magical powers.

But one day, the Fairy Queen of Fire, Stella, went missing. The remaining Fairy Queens, Doris of Water, Diana of Earth and Layla of Air, set out on a journey to find their lost sister and restore balance to the island of magic. Join them on their quest and own a piece of this mystical world.

Roadmap 1.0

Welcome to Magic Island!
When you buy a The Magic Fairies, you’re gaining membership access to a club that will increase over time in not only members but benefits! You’ll be able to join a private discord channel, designed to propose your ideas and make decisions alongside our team about the development of future The Magic Fairies projects.

Whitelist spots for promising projects 
Private group with exclusive early access to new collections and more.

Intellectual property
Each holder is given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFTs.

2nd gen of The Magic Fairies will be implemented.

The Magic Fairies Coin Staking.

The Magic Fairie merch shop launches.

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