Ermine Virtual Mining

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April 30, 2023 – May 07, 2023







Ermine is a DeFi Web3 application we are building in Ethereum networks. Ermine is created to receive income from virtual mining, staking and referral program. A virtual miner is an NFT (EVM). A total of 12 miner models will be released with a fixed total supply. Each miner model has performance (IPS) and value measured in Ethereum.

Right now, Ermine is starting to accept applications for pre-ordering virtual miners. Pre-order is an opportunity to get a place in the white list and save on your purchase! Ermine give a 12% discount on all models of miners!

In order to send an application, you need:

  1. Visit website and click on the link in the menu “Store" or click on the "Pre-order" button
  2. Select miner models, specify the quantity and add them to the order
  3. Go to the shopping cart, check the contents of the order and click the "Checkout" button
  4. Next, you need to confirm your email address and connect the wallet from which you plan to make a purchase.

There are no commissions. Prepayment is not required. After connecting the wallet, you will receive a notification about the acceptance of the application by e-mail. A total of 200 whitelist spots are available and priority will be given to addresses that have the required amount of Ethereum on their balance to pay for pre-order miners. The maximum purchase amount for a pre-order to one address is 100 ETH.

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