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March 19, 2023 – March 26, 2023



Hey there, all you art aficionados and NFT collectors! Brace yourselves for the ultimate, highly-coveted collection of CubeDads NFTs - an exclusive unveiling of the coolest 505 never-before-seen CubeDads! These unique creations embody the unwavering passion and determination of all dads who embody the true spirit of a doer, fearlessly pursuing their dreams with grit and perseverance. Get ready to own a piece of this inspiring spirit and become a part of the CubeDads creations by reserving your spot to mint one of these amazing NFTs today!

Here are some important details about the collection you need to know:

Total Supply: 505 (max)
Mint Date: March 16, 2023
Mint List: 0.015 ETH
Network: Ethereum

Are you ready to reveal it?
Mark your calendars and get ready to mint these coolest cubedads!

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