The Hipster Pups

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April 03, 2022 – April 10, 2022





Welcome to Hipster Paws & Sirens NFT! Our first collection, The Hipster Pups, is just the beginning. Each NFT collection will contribute to the funds needed for therapy dogs specifically trained for first responders. At HPS, our mission is to help break the stigma and raise mental health awareness for first responders.   Many first responders consider stress to be a part of their job and feel that they cannot or should not talk about traumatic calls. Did you know a first responder is more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty? The perceived stigma around mental health disorders and/or concerns over the impact on their employment can also lead first responders to not report suicidal thoughts. Although we cannot change traumatic events from taking place we can be thereafter.
When you become a part of the Hipster Paws NFT family, you offer care to first responders who care for us in our time of need. What are you waiting for? Join Hipster Paws & Sirens today, an ordinary team with extraordinary dreams! 

Hipster Paws & Sirens are currently looking to partner with organizations
supporting first responders. Please join us on Twitter and discord for more information.

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