The Ego

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February 11, 2022 – February 18, 2022





The Ego NFT collection exist with the purpose of approaching NFT’s to everyone at an affordable price. That first huge collection consisting of 1M unique pieces it’s just the beginning of something bigger! Come and mint yours, you will discover your ego-fate!

Right now it is one of the biggest collections deployed all over the Internet and we are trying to make it accessible for everyone who wants to get introduced in NFT world. Working with such huge ammount of data has been definitely the most complicated part of our project, but we still want more and have brilliant ideas for the upcoming future...

We are a little bit tired of apes, bears, golems... this collection is not about random characters, it is about random strings! :D

The collection consists of one same sentence format with a verb and two nouns randomly combined to create something similar to a fortune cookie (it can be positive for you... or not, that's pretty subjective at the end)

No play2earn games, no super ambitious projects behind them. Our NFTs are just a classic collectible, have fun minting them and enjoy sharing  with your friends to see who has the worst fate and who is a big boss.

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