The Cursed Rings

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July 11, 2022 – July 18, 2022





The Cursed Rings is an NFT universe, where you are the hero in this world. This universe contains rings that have supernatural and mighty abilities that are controlled by their owner. Of course there are a lot of other magical items out there and they have strong power but nothing beats the power of these rings. In this universe there are a lot of different beings and also humans who control the powers of those magical rings and tools. What is your story ? What is your goal for having this power? Who is your enemy? Who is your friend? It is you who are going to answer these questions and fight in this dark world.

This project will be an NFT game in the future and will contains much more than rings. I hope you will like this idea. Visit our discord to contact us and read the full story of the universe, creatures, other heroes, rings, other stuff and much more

Tags: #art

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