The Binaries Project

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November 07, 2021 – November 14, 2021





The Binaries Project are 8642 tokens containing randomly generated Binary Code (0's and 1's). Each token contains 8 groups of 4-bits. We created The Binaries Project to remove the functionalities from the NFTs even further, and at the same time allowing for the token to be able to represent a huge amount of possibilities and data, not bound by specific description, words, or numbers.


Our vision is that The Binaries Project NFT can be used as a substrate in the creation of different kinds of Metaverses, each with their own kind of graphics, features, attributes, levels, and properties, and the Binaries holder can sign-in with his own token into all these universes with the same token.


The Metaverses can, for example, refer to a 4 bit group to translate into a certain number which in turn represents an index in a list of appearance attributes. The same Metaverse can refer to the same 4 bit group to represent 4 True/False attributes. And hence, the possibilities are endless!

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