The Aristocrats

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June 23, 2022 – June 30, 2022





Discover the ARISTOCRATS, the first Clément Mougel’s NFT collection, a French artist whose works are sold for thousands of euros.

A collection of 250 unique and handmade NFTs by Clément which will be associated with a numbered print signed by the artist.

An exhibition mixed with an auction of the collection, combining the digital (NFTs) and physical (Prints and original works) aspects of the project, is planned in a prestigious Parisian gallery connecting holders and potential buyers. Major partnerships are also planned with other international and virtual exhibition venues.

The project is built in connection with its community, that's why airdrops of new limited collections are planned as well as the opening of a DAO allowing the community to take part in the decisions concerning the future paths taken by the project (themes of the next collections, next places of exhibition etc). 

Tags: #art

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