T-Brids Nfts

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September 24, 2022 – October 01, 2022





More than photos.

More than art.

Its both.

Created by 14 year old Australian boy, Darell, T-Brids is the first NFT Collection on the Opensea Marketplace to infuse both art and photos together, creating our tennis hybrids (T-Brids).

Featured on ABC NEWS, reaching viewers across the globe this deluxe and exclusive project is about to explode, the moon is our destiny, everyone in the media industry knows about T-Brids, this is only the beggining.

With our fully developed Metaverse City in the Minecraft space, Project olympus and our Tenpics Deluxe collection underway, 120 units of our merchandise sold, our collection is flourished with utility and potential.

Don't miss your chance, this is unlike any other NFT Project with 'free mints' or scammish details and utility. This is...T-Brids.

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