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March 18, 2022 – March 25, 2022





you wake up on a sandy beach. the last thing you remember is the wings of the plane snapping off as you plummeted into the ocean, and the freezing cold dark water engulfing you as you drifted off into unconciousness.

as your vision clears, you realize that thousands of others are strewn across the beach, all waking at the same time. all just as confused. all lost.

a bottle washes up on the shore beside you. inside is a message - 

welcome to the island. if you want to survive, listen to what i command. - the deity

you wonder: who is the deity, what does he command, and more importantly, where am i. then an chilling voice whispers in your subconcious.

the ritual will commence when all survivers arrive.

the deity has a simple request for the survivers, form a government for the island. it will inform you of the rules once all survivers have been sold.

once the survivers have selected, chosen, or elected a single individual leader to communicate with the deity, the deity will release five gifts options to the leader.

but pick your leader wisely, because the leader has full authority to divide and distribute the gifts as they see fit. including keeping all of them.




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