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April 05, 2022 – April 10, 2022





This NFT collection shows some of the designs of the future fashion brand Street&CO. Its online store will be launched on June 25, 2022.

Created by the designer FerMar, a 3D and digital artist, it shows the urban character of Street&CO.

NFT's currently: 102
BlockChain: Polygon


By acquiring any NFT from Street&CO you will collaborate in the creation of a new and fascinating fashion brand. You will receive also at your home the first manufactured unit of the chosen garment with the unique “1st Manufactured” seal printed on it.

And only for holders of NFTs with a City background! You will have the privilege of designing your own product among all those available, giving it the name you choose, and receiving the first unit manufactured with its corresponding seal, as well receiving a 5% royalty on sales of your design for life.

We are a community that offers you NFT designs based on our fashion products.
And remember! You will not only have an NFT, you will also obtain the first product manufactured with the stamp that certifies it and, in some cases, you will be able to participate in the elaboration of our designs and obtain royalties for life.

Obtaining any NFT from STREET&CO, you would receive the first unit manufactured in your home with the "1st Manufactured” seal, in addition, you will be investing in the development of a new international fashion brand that will give you VIP status, with future advantages in the purchase of new NFTs and physical products.


We offer collaborations with all artists who want to print their designs on any of our physical products to add value to their NFTs.


First quarter 2022:
     Creation of the first 102 shoe designs and NFTs
     Creation of the RRSS (Discord & Twitter)
     Public Collection (Opensea)

Second quarter 2022:
     Continue designing new designs from current collections
     Launch new collection of low top sneakers and NFTs
     Expand the Discord and Twitter community
     Launch of Ecommerce for physical products (Junel 25)

Third quarter of 2022:
     ...coming soon...

This is not a Crypto punk nor bored ape but this fashion nfts will explode in your heart and you will have URBAN FREEDON footwear with many models and designs adapted to your tastes!!.


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