Spiritual Kitty

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December 15, 2021 – December 22, 2021





8,888 Uniquely Generated Spiritual Kitty That Exists On The Cleaner And Warmer Network Of Polygon. Illustrated Digitally And Assembled By Code, No Two Kitties Are The Same.


Once upon a time, a funny Kitty lived in a kingdom. As the kitty became older, the kitty became more cynical and realized that “Sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence,”. So, the kitty gave up the unfunny life and went to the forest to live as a smiling monk. In the forest, the kitty practiced meditation, freed from unfunny thoughts. Over time the kitty’s ways drew 8,888 followers or maybe more. The kitties became contented and happy, always with a sarcastic smile on their faces, and they disappeared into the forest. Hundreds of years later, they believed to be inhabiting the forest still, and the legend says they became the guardian spirits of every funny living being, animal or human alike. Some even say each kitty possesses different sarcastic powers that can be identified from their halo, and it can unleash your inner sarcasm. Which kitty do you think will be your guardian?



Beautiful Art

You don’t have to be Picasso or Van Gogh to enjoy the process of creating art. Picking up a paintbrush, pencil, pen, or a tablet isn’t reserved for the elite,. The Spiritual kitty collection holds the same intrinsic value that artists use in exhibitions as tools to make political statements or take a stance on global issues.


Commercial Usage Right

Owners of each Spiritual Kitty possess commercial usage rights to their NFTs. You’re free to use your artwork as you please. Use it as a profile picture, in your ads or merchandise. Its the ultimate utility use, %100 your choice.


NFT Drops

After our public mint, we will be releasing a limited list of Kitties. If you hold two of these in your wallet, you will be entitled to receive a customized art containing both of your Kitties in one very rare NFT.



We will use the royalty funds to donate to any charity of our community's choosing.



Spiritual Kitty holders will have access to the mint of our Kittyverse pieces. These will form the building block of an innovative combined art piece NFT and platform.

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