Space Arks

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September 24, 2022 – October 01, 2022





The earth is destroyed. The surviving people huddle in groups on their spaceships instead of the planet. The life of newborns is determined by what ship they were born on. But only a select few choose which ship they will fly on. And those chosen ones are you.

100 items, 20 rare and 5 legendary.

Holders of 5+ items become Investors of our project, get access to Head chats and get 3% from next collection total income. They can request any collection they want and we will implement it with sharing 5% income with them. More info at discord.

Give us your collection concepts. If community likes it we also going to create your collection with sharing 3% of collection income with you.

Also holders of 5+ items of Cryptopunks in cyberspace get a 3% income from Space Arks collection. More info at discord.

Tags: #art

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