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February 24, 2022 – March 03, 2022





Soulsquads is a collection of 8.888 adorable creatures on eth – play squadgames, build friendships that last & create memories. 

We call them soulies. All soulies have an unique and high quality 3d design with more than 130+ traits. 


Mint your souly 

Build a soulsquad

Compete with your soulsquad to play the squadgames 

Win the jackpot of squadgames: $100.000

Benefits reasons to join soulsquads

Win up to $100.000 in the squadgames

Master all individual levels to reach the final and become the chance to win the jackpot.

 entrance in the soulbia metaverse

You have the chance to participate in bigger online events with incredible growth of squadgames.

meet new people and make friends for life

Get to know people you have never met before and discover similarities that strengthen you.

win rare nfts in special community quests

Take part and win 1 of 64 super rare nfts. We‘ll announce all quests in the soulsquads discord.

access to ournality® & vierless nft projects

Get exclusive whitelist spots for all upcoming agency and client projects.

0% royalty fees for everyone

Attractive opportunities for all during first 30 days after mint, so you can get the soulnality you admire and identify the most.

get ready to breed your soulies in soulbia

Be part of something big since the beginning and profit from receiving special new nfts 3rd collection.

increase the value of your souly nft

Several utility functions will make your souly nft increasing value, because of weekly announcements.

Unique 3d nfts

2.222 potential soulsquads

64 super special rare nfts

Don't miss the next NFT drops

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