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October 22, 2021 – October 22, 2021




2476 uniques collectibles, you can tell that solstronauts comes from the universes, different type of degen solstronauts Alien, alien type B …

The Story:

The year is 2025. Metaverse is no longer a mere concept. People are getting used to living in this virtual space using their NFT identity. The world seems to be peaceful, just like in real life.

However, few know that there is a small group of beings who are undergoing a mysterious infection by a super virus, code-named 0x. Though most of the time they act normal but when the full moon comes, weird things happen. They start to grow sharp fangs, bat ears and become extremely sensitive to blood. They are called 0xVampires.

Except for the changes in their appearance, everything else still seems to be under control. But no one knows what will happen if the virus continues and if 0xVampires can no longer resist their blood lust.

The exploration has just begun…

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