Snoop Dogg Sandbox Avatars

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February 22, 2022 – March 08, 2022






Snoop Dogg has always been keen on cutting-edge technologies, especially on NFTs. His next step into the non-fungible world takes Snoop Dogg to The Sandbox metaverse, where he will share his NFT collection of avatars with players around the world.

Meet the collection of 10,000 unique Doggies, programmatically generated from over 150 hand-crafted traits developed by skilled Sandbox artists. The Doggies will have different rarity levels, splitting into Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie, Dogg, Robot, and Golden, where Human is less rare, while Golden is the rarest.

In addition, there is a chance to get some of the avatars that are even more special than described above – Dope Avatars, Classic Avatars, and Signature Edition. Dope Avatars are 1:1 designed by Snoop himself and Sandbox designers. Classic Avatars represent Snoop Dogg’s history, and Signature Doggies will be the most outstanding group of 1:1s to be shared with The Sandbox community.

It may sound obvious but we’d better mention this: each Snoop Dogg avatar will be playable inside The Sandbox, starting with the upcoming Alpha Season 2! 

If you want to get early access to Snoopverse and get whitelist access to Doggies drop, consider buying The Snoopverse Early Access Pass. In addition to the already mentioned benefits, you will get involved in the development process of Snoopverse and will get SAND Rewards in Snoopverse play-to-earn. There is another way to get whitelisted to Doggies drop, namely acquiring a Snoop Dogg Private Party Pass on OpenSea. This exclusive pass also opens to you a bunch of VIP experiences. An invitation to Snoop's Private Party, access to Snoop's first Metaverse concert, an invitation to Cozomo Art gallery opening are among them. 

The Doggies NFTs are dropping on February 22. Grab yours, jump into the game, and stay tuned for other launches in the Snoopverse. There is no doubt they are about to come!

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