Skyborne – Nexian Gems

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July 21, 2023 – July 25, 2023





In preparation for the release of its highly-anticipated Skyborne Legacy franchise – a social world where players can explore, create, customize, and battle – web3 game development studio Revolving Games is up to kick off its first free NFT collections specifically made for future players of the game.

Dubbed the "Skyborne - Nexian Gems," the collection contains 3,333 Nexian Gems NFTs and 9,999 Genesis Immortals NFTs that will be available for free mint. 

Skyborne - Genesis Immortals is Skyborne Legacy's first and most elite group of heroes designed to add depth to the Skyborne narrative and give players an opportunity to earn exciting rewards. Each hero has powerful traits, enhancing their abilities and giving them unique utility within the Skyborne Legacy. There are six exclusive 1-of-1s standing out by unique artwork, animation, and legendary in-game traits.

Skyborne - Nexian Gems is a proof of collective within the Skyborne Legacy ecosystem that provides valuable gems holding significant value and keeping exclusive benefits for holders. Access to a whitelist for future Skyborne mints is among the perks. The collection will include ten 1-of-1s of ultra-rare, mythic rarity gems with additional utility to be revealed shortly before the game's release.

Holders of the gems will soon be invited to discover Skyborne Genesis, a storytelling mini-game that is a prologue set within the Skyborne universe. Players will be able to go on quests, explore the world, and gather resources, namely, they will earn rewards transferable to Skyborne's future full-fledged titles. 

The free mint will be exclusively available on OpenSea on July 21st for whitelisted and community collectors while public mint is scheduled for July 22nd. The reveal is scheduled for July 25th. 

Mark your calendar to snatch up one of these NFTs and journey into the Skyborne universe!

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