Sklldggry Club

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Located somewhere on the dark side of the Moon, this very exclusive kennel club is where all the Intergalactic D!sco Dogz come to party!  Some are more chilled than others.  Some have come to party at warp speed...and some are up to all sorts of intergalactic skullduggery.

Sklldggry Club is a very limited NFT collection of just 300 Intergalactic D!sco Dogz.  Included in the collection are also 10 VIP Intergalactic Diamond Dogz.

The collection has been created by international selling British artist Kill The Sofa.  The artist's paintings have been purchased by respected art collectors all over Europe, USA and the rest of the World. Many celebrities are also collectors of the artist's work.

When you buy a Sklldggry token, you are gaining membership to a club with exclusive ongoing benefits.  Every Sklldggry Club member will be eligible for regular randomly chosen airdrops of free NFT artwork from Kill The Sofa!

This is why membership to Sklldggry Club is limited to only 300.  We want all holders to have a chance of being the lucky one to receive freebies.  This includes all future NFT collections by Kill The Sofa, limited editions, and even 1/1 NFT artworks.  Holders of Intergalactic Diamond Dogz will have an even better chance, as separate random airdrops will be made amongst the 10 holders.

Each token is unique and was created individually.  Nothing has been programmatically generated!  You will find many different Intergalactic D!sco Dogz at Sklldggry Club, but some are much rarer than others.

Presale is now open until the launch date on 31st january 2022.

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