Drago Cotherk

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





This NFT is one of the hottest upcoming projects in the crypto market. drago cotherk is a collection of 308 unique who unite together on the polygon Blockchain. Each drago cotherk  is unique.




-Discord Members Reward


-Free NFT of the drago cotherk 3D collection for collectors of drago cotherk 01-10


-Collectors of drago cotherk #01- #10 will have a scale piece of drago cotherk plus a t-shirt with the NFT drago cotherk logo


-The purchase of your NFT will help allocate a fund to support volunteers cleaning up oil-polluted beaches in Peru and a basic food basket for families affected by pollution. We will be uploading all activities to our official networks


25% SOLD




-3 drago cotherk holders in our Discord channel will win $500 worth of ETH each


50% SOLD


Estaremos realizando sorteos en nuestros canales oficiales de Drago Cotherk :


-Primer sorteo: un usuario de drago cotherk ganara una Macbook pro Apple iMac 2020 27" 5K Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 512GB SSD en twitter


-Segundo sorteo:


2 usuarios de drago cotherk ganara $700 en ETH cada uno en nuestro Discord Channel.


75% SOLD


Dragon Cother 3D Project


We will be working for our 3D drago cother collection and 20 drago cother collectors will be the winners of this new collection.


100% SOLD


-4 Dragon Cotherk collectors will be winners of $700 in ETH on our discord channel


- 1 dragon cotherk collector will be the winner of an Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB and Apple Watch Series 7 raffle on twitter


Price of Dragon Cother NFTs:


(01-08) 1 ETH


(09-100) 0.5ETH


(101-200) 0.3ETH


(201-308) 0.15ETH



-The sale of 100% of all the NFT Drago Cotherk will raise the collection of 550 NFT of Dragon Cother 3D and the first 20 collectors of Drago Cotherk will obtain a NFT Drago Cother 3D Personalized


-At the end of the sale of our Drago Cother 3D collection we will launch a new collection called kook lit that will consist of 600 NFT


-At the end we will launch a platform where you can interact with members of our community, news and events of our community, you can also display all the NFT of our collections and the user's own, you can display your collection in the Gallery of this interface.


- At the end of the year, the foundations will be created to create a video game with the NFTs from our collection where our community will be privileged to be the first to interact with it with its Drago Cotherk collections.

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