Silvers Collection Rarity Reveal

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November 09, 2021 – November 09, 2021





We’re super excited to share the final key details about Silvers, an exclusive collection that features strikingly fierce warriors — a visual marvel that’s guaranteed to give you goosebumps. They are ferocious, powerful, and intriguingly fantastical figures, all hand-drawn with incredible detail.

We'll announce the last details including the final number of Silvers and rarity scores for every attribute. And to celebrate we'll also do one last final giveaway for everyone involved!

Here’s a quick recap:
- Minting begins on 11 Nov at 12:00 PM UTC.
- Each artwork is 0.166 ETH. But you can enjoy a 70% discount during the presale. That’s just 0.05 ETH per item!
- All our NFTs come with a 30-day buyback guarantee and a free gift for first buyers.

For more details about the collection, visit our website or check the collection page on OpenSea.

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