Shroomeez by Infected Mushroom

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May 24, 2021 – May 25, 2021





Welcome to the world of Shroomeez! On May 24th, Israeli electronic band Infected Mushroom releases its new Shroomeez EP on Monstercat and Nifty Gateway. It’s gonna be the debut of the band in the NFT Space. To release this NFT Collection, Infected Mushroom partnered with magical illustrator FARGO and the Monstercat label.

‘Shroomeez’ NFT Collection features five NFT pieces: four of them will be available at Drawing, and one will be auctioned off. Each NFT was created through AI technology. 100,000 photos were collected on the internet to train the algorithm. Infected Mushroom also releases 100 unique 'SHROOMEEZ' that drop in the SHROOMEEZ Pack. Each collector can get max of 5 Shroomeez.

Besides NFTs, the collectors will get some perks. For example, the winner of the auction will get a chance to listen to a new song from Infected Mushroom. He will be the only person in the world (outside of its creators) to hear it. Along with the secret song Babka (NFT piece available at auction), the winner will receive an exclusive 1/1 NFT later.

In addition, Infected Mushroom will organize an exclusive show for Shroomeez NFT owners. It’s gonna be a private live stream performance.

Infected Mushroom is known for its groundbreaking reputation within electronic dance music. The band’s trademark sound is a blend of hypnotic arrangements and complex layered melodies. Infected Mushroom constantly experiments with multiple genres, breaks the rules, and inspires other musicians to do the same.

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