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November 29, 2021 – December 06, 2021





‘SHOREDITCH SCENES’ is an exclusive NFT drop of 41 individual images, each 1 of 1, from famed British photographer and flâneur HERMIONE HODGSON.

Each year a new NFT collection will launch from the keen eye and lens of Hodgson, re-visiting Shoreditch and showcasing other cities around the world, casting a lens on their rich and distinct cultural beats.

These collections are about creating a window on the cultural moment and how blockchain technology can be used to capture and preserve these moments.

“This NFT collection is a consequence of what I see as my role and responsibility. As a ‘flaneur’. As a witness and chronicler. But with a very purposeful eye and intention: to capture that which can give pleasure and offer hope. Spontaneous human existence, captured with a compositional beauty that does justice to the naturalness of the subjects. Shoreditch Scenes is, for me, about walking the metropolis and celebrating its rhythms and gentle, disarming humanity.” - Hermione Hodgson



·      Shoreditch Scenes 2021 will be launched on Open Sea at a fixed ‘floor price’ of 0.1ETH/Ether (£320/$420) each. (Quoted prices in sterling and US dollar correct at time of going to press.)


·       Launch of the first 20 will be on Monday, November 29that 12:00pm GMT.


·      The second drop of 21 NFTS will follow a week later on Monday, December 6th, also at midday GMT, also at 0.1ETH.


·      This drop will be launched on the layer 2 Polygon blockchain (Ethereum integrated), in order to minimise its carbon footprint.


·      10% of all income from the 41 piece collection will be donated to Shelter, a registered UK charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing. (




HERMIONE HODGSON is an internationally-renowned flâneur, portrait and lifestyle photographer. From London her work takes her all over the globe with some of the world’s most famous brands and successful companies. Uber, Jack Daniels, Samsung, Vodafone, Barclays and HSBC figure amongst her note-worthy clients.

Hermione established herself as a profound, emerging talent in the world of photography 15 years ago, shooting emerging artists at that time such as Tinie Tempah, Lily Allen and Emeli Sande.

With her lifestyle imagery, Hermione endeavors to seek out and capture unguarded, candid moments, revealing with warmth and intimacy life’s everyday interactions.

Shoreditch Scenes is her first NFT Collection.

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