The Shark Mob

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October 28, 2021 – November 04, 2021



The Whitelist Registration now open!

The Presale will start on October 28 – 2PM EST and it will run for 72 hours.

Public mint November 04

For presale: Cost will be 0.07 ETH + Gas. Maximum of 4 Sharks per address.

For public mint Cost will be 0.08 ETH + Gas

You can find all the steps for getting on whitelist on  #presale-info channel on our discord.


A collection of 10,000 unique gangster sharks all with a history of violence, testing their power in the cutthroat world of Chain City. Every Shark is unique and randomly generated from over 170+ possible attributes and traits. Owning a Shark means you are part of a family that will give you exclusive access to multiple benefits both in the Metaverse and the real world.

The Benefits of Being a Made Shark.

Danger comes with the territory, but being a made shark also has its perks, the family will reward its members with weekly giveaways and raffles, limited edition comics, exclusive merch, and bunch-off prices both in real life and the metaverse. As the money flow upwards so does the benefits. Holding more sharks will give you access to more special and exclusive rewards and prices. As the saying goes: What's better than one shark? More sharks! 

Exclusive Game Access All TSM holders will have exclusive access to our online collectible card game, where players can build their crew and live the life of a mobster shark in the vivid era of organized crime.

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