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November 28, 2023 – December 05, 2023






  1. How do you get a Risktaker NFT?
    We're not doing a typical NFT mint for RT NFTs. To initially acquire an RT NFT, you must take part in the Private LBP Sale on FjordFoundry v2 and acquire 1 $Fomo token, once you obtain a $Fomo token, you can go to our upcoming vault at NFTX v3. From there, simply select the desired Risktaker NFT and exchange your $Fomo token for it at a 1:1 ratio through the process of burning it.
  2. How do you get acces to the Private sale?
    You will need the Fomo Card NFT to get access to the $Fomo Private LBP Sale on Fjord Foundry v2.
  3. Why do the Risktaker NFT sale this way?
    We are building an incentive infrastructure and will be using $Fomo to incentivize fractionalized NFT liquidity, so it's important to bootstrap liquidity for $Fomo via an LBP which also fosters fair distribution.
  4. Who will mint Risktaker NFTs?
    The protocol will mint 3,000 RT NFTs and deposit them into the NFTX v3 vault to mint $Fomo. The $Fomo token will then be distributed to the following categories:
  • Community rewards
  • Treasury
  • Liquidity
  • Private LBP Sale
  • Airdrop

Project description
Fomo House is an incentive protocol to grow fractionalized NFT liquidity. You can think of us as Curve for the NFT sector.

A few novel we are doing:

  • NFT integrated into our tokenomics
  • Loyalty program when staking Risktakerz NFT on the platform
  • New token model using SBTs and bonds (veToken alternative)
  • New type of NFT sale using erc20 tokens and the NFT vault on NFTX
  • SBTs for protocol voting power

Join us and don't fade the Risktakerz of crypto!

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