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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





We present to you the Pass RetroVerse NFT. Revive your favorite moments of the ‘90s.

On March 1st, 2022, RetroVerse will launch its first NFT collection. A retrospective of the the’90s. Our mission is to map Human History, through important humankind dates like technology innovations, music, cinematography, gaming, and sports. Our initial collection will cover the 90’s, but we are already working on the 80’ and ’00s. 

Today, RetroVerse_NFT is a strong community of more than 25k passionate individuals and we have already booked 92% of the dates from our first collection. 

We wanted to provide the public with something different by allowing them to reserve a precise date of their choice. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, or a symbolyc one. Moreover, it can be important historical moments that marked your life. For example : your favorite movie, the release of your favorite gaming console, the walkman release, the iPhone launch, or even the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope.

We are a team of 12 international individuals that share the same conviction. The strength of the past will shape our future.

In addition to the sentimental attachment to a RetroVerse NFT, it will have an actual purpose. You will own a “Pass Retro Immersive”. With both physical and virtual advantages.

The physical advantages will include:

  • Private Events: The community will have the opportunity to meet in locations all around the world: LA, NYC, Paris, Dubai, Singapore to get access to exclusive events. (DJ Set, Retro-Gaming, etc…) Each event will keep the decade’s theme.

  • Exclusive Products: (Only available to NFT holders.)
    We are currently working on clothing pieces based on the NFT collection. We are collaborating with luxury brands and artists.

  • Investment Fund: A $100,000 fund will be created to support projects coming from our dear community. NFT holders will be able to vote for their favorite projects.
    1NFT = 1 Vote

  • That’s not it: We will organize a monthly drawing among NFT holders. The prize will be a Hand-Painted version of their NFT, delivered for free at their doorstep!

The virtual advantages will include:

  • VR Experience: What if you could relive an important moment of the past in the MetaVerse? Put on your VR headset, and relive the keynote from Steeve Jobs announcing the iPhone in 2007 as if you were there!

  • Passive Income: Each NFT holder will be entitled to receive dividends generated by the revenues made from the VR experience sales from the general public.

  • Decentralized Real Estate: Be the first to access the RetroVerse land before we open it to the general public.

  • Avatar MetaVerse Ready: We are planning on working with artists that will bring your avatar to life to navigate in the MetaVerse. 

The RetroVerse team is looking forward to seeing you on 1st March 2022 on OpenSea to discover the collection. The NFTs will be for sale at 0.1 ETH. 

Press Contact

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +33624004566

WhatsApp: +33624004566
IG: @retroverse_nft

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